Food Engineering

The food engineering is an engineering branch which takes responsibility for producing and consuming the foods with the qualified manner and properly with the health from the production to the consumption as the health problems related nourishment increases where physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, microbiology and nourishment sciences find practice area in development and production of new food.

The person who wants to be a food engineer should like to read courses such as the physics, mathematics, and chemistry and should be curious for examination and research, should be able to establish good relations with the people, and should be able to follow innovations, should be able to work for long periods, concentrate on certain subject and should be patient. 

Tasks of Food Engineer

1) To produce food having high nourishment value and safe for health
2). To make biochemical, technological and economical evaluations in the food processing and develop new processing techniques and methods.
3) To evaluate the food raw material, to prevent foodstuff resource extravagance and qualitatively and quantitatively protect the food.
4) Utilize from food wastes
5) Increasing food diversity for providing versatile utilization from food raw materials.
6) To provide processing, protecting and storing the raw materials efficiently without loosing their food value accordingly with standards.


To train food engineers who are committed to the national values, generate information at the international level, closely follow the innovation and development processes which occur in the world by giving priority to develop the solution recommendations for the national and international problems, and project those improvements into the training and research works, who can think analytically, having leadership, creative features and ethical values and who can use information and technical equipments effectively and efficiently and who can adopt the necessity of the lifelong learning and occupational development.


To be department which forms academic personnel and powerful research background in short time period, progressing towards being accredited in food engineering education, instructs teaching and education at national and international level with food engineering context, to train students who may be best in their fields, whose relation with science and technology world are developed having word in national and international field.