Electrical-Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, which was established under the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of Bingöl University, started education by taking its first students in the 2014-2015 academic year. In the academic staff of the department, there are 5 Dr. Instructors, 6 Research Assistants in total, 4 of whom are active members and 2 of whom are at other universities .There are seven departments in our department: "Control and Command Systems", "Electrical Facilities", "Electric Machines", "Circuits and Systems", "Electromagnetic Fields and Microwave Techniques", "Electronics" and "Telecommunication".

Although our department is new, the establishment of laboratories with modern technology continues rapidly in order to train our students as engineers with very good professional equipment. For this purpose, Circuit and Measurement Laboratory, Electronics Laboratory, Microprocessors and Logic Circuits Laboratory, Communication Laboratory, Control Laboratory and Electrical Machines Laboratory were established.


With its training program, this department aims to train electrical-electronic engineers who have internalized the fundamentals of electrical and electronic engineering, have strong social communication skills, who can follow and comprehend technological and academic developments and apply these developments to business life, can transform knowledge into products and services, and have sufficient engineering knowledge and experience.


To train engineers and scientists who can apply, solve and design engineering systems, take responsibility , follow and use current technological developments, respectful towards professional and moral values , keeping human values at the forefront, who are at the same time investigative, planned due to education in applied and analytical basic engineering education, scientific and a research-based person in undergraduate education.

Being aware of the responsibilities of being a scientist in line with the principles of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, to be a department that acts with the thought of providing lifelong learning, research and the necessary service for the society we live in.