Computer Engineering

Objective of Computer Engineering Department

The Computer engineering department gives education and makes researches related to structure, development and effective usage of computer systems. Training computer engineers who are equipped with theoretical and practical information related to these subjects is very important for managing the economy. Computer engineering departments of universities have undertaken this duty.

Educational Period and Instructed Courses

The Undergraduate education in the computer engineering department is 4 years. Mainly, the basic engineering and basic computer engineering courses are instructed in the first two years. The technical elective courses related to the different fields of computer engineering and software and hardware subjects are included in the following two years in addition to the compulsory courses.

Title granted for graduates and works they do

The Students who are succeeded at the end of the undergraduate education are awarded with the computer engineer diploma. The Graduates of the department can work as the system analyzer, application programmer, managing, founder or directing engineer in the information processing centers, data base engineers, and research and development of the computer aided industrial system design and development.