Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a civilized and basic engineering branch that deals with the planning, project, construction and inspection of all structures necessary for individuals to continue their lives in a civilized society that best combines materials and techniques in nature.

Civil engineers take part in all areas of the development and construction of countries. Basically, residences, high-rise buildings, railways, highways, bridges, dams, power plants, factories, industrial plants, treatment plants, ports, airports, etc. planning, projecting and construction of structures are among the main areas of interest of civil engineering. The production, examination and development of the materials used in all these structures is again the field of interest of civil engineering.

Our department, which was established in 2010 within Bingöl University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, has started to admit students at the undergraduate level since the 2011-2012 academic year.

In our department, there are 13 academic staff in total-1 Associate Professor, 6 Dr. Instructors including a member and 6 research assistants-. In our department, education and research are carried out at the undergraduate level in 7 departments. These departments are;

•Building materials,






•Construction Management

It continues its educational activities on the campus of Bingöl University.


Undergraduate education in the Department of Civil Engineering is 4 years. In the first two years, mainly basic engineering and basic civil engineering courses take place. In the next two years, apart from the compulsory civil engineering courses, there are technical elective courses in order to enable students to be directed to different fields related to civil engineering.

Our students who graduate from the Civil Engineering Department receive the title and authority of "Civil Engineer".

Our graduates can improve themselves in coastal, structural, transportation, hydraulic, material, earthquake, traffic and ground engineering ,which are sub-engineering of civil engineering, with a master's and doctorate.

Our graduated students can work in the academic staff of universities as well as in the construction and technical departments of universities as civil engineers. Apart from this, our students who are entitled to graduate can find the opportunity to work in Provincial and District Municipalities, Governorships, Prime Ministry, Ministry of Environment and Forestry and its directorates (State Water Works), Ministry of Transport and its directorates such as Highways, State Airports Administration, Railways, Energy and Natural Resources, Industry and Trade, Public Works and Settlement, the Ministries of Health and National Education and their directorates.

In addition, our graduates can also work in the Chambers of Civil Engineers affiliated to the TMMOB. In addition to these, our graduates can establish their own private companies as well as take part in private companies with the title and authority of Civil Engineer. Civil Engineers can act as project implementers, project preparers or project controllers, as well as advising companies.